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Fiona's Desktastic Scribble

personal 1 min read

Fiona discovered <a href="">Desktastic</a> today, and immediately went into a frenzy
of scribbling, eventually covering her entire desktop. She's mad; I love that about her!

Here's <a href="">a sample</a> of the resulting artwork.
Whilst we're talking about <a href="">Panic</a> software, I'm thinking of buying a copy 
of <a href="">Transmit</a>, now that I've abandoned old <a href="">Fetch</a> 
after it messed-up the line-breaks in several downloaded files. It's also a bit long in the tooth, and lacks some of Transmit's cool features, 
like specifying a corresponding local (downloads) folder for each remote bookmark.

Anyone using a different FTP client, who'd like to share their opinions on what's best?