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Fiona had a successful first day

personal 1 min read

Fiona had her initial staff induction at Primark today; I just picked her up from the station. Seems to have gone very well indeed - she’s quite lit-up and buzzing at the moment.

There were 6 other new folks, five of whom were of an age with her, and she made a few new friends. Next time she works is Thursday evening, so we’ll be burning up the M8 plenty next week.

Also, she achieved a great result: she got chatted up on her first day of work! One of the two blokes who were also in for an induction today caught up with her as she was walking back along Sauchiehall St towards Queen St station, and asked her if she was going out tonight, etc. She all but ran to the station!

Anyway, great that the induction was successful. She was hellishly nervous this morning, but as always it turned out just fine.