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Fiona is dreaming of StarFox

personal 1 min read

Fiona talks in her sleep quite a lot. Not every night, but certainly a few times a week. I’m almost always up later than her, so I often hear her. If I’m in the room, she’ll commonly open her eyes and talk to me, even responding to questions, but she’s still completely asleep. I found it alarming initially, but now I’m used to it. I only need to tell her to close her eyes and she completely loses consciousness again instantly.

Most of the time what she says is unintelligible; it has the flow and the sound-patterns of speech, but insufficient clarity to distinguish the words. I remember seeing a programme on TV once where a young girl (maybe 14 years old) was having brain-surgery on her speech centre, and in order for the surgeons to accurately locate the correct area, the girl was kept conscious (albeit drugged), and was told to speak normally whilst electrodes were applied to various regions of her cortex. When they found the correct area, her speech just sort of blurred. It’s like that when Fiona talks in her sleep.

Occasionally, though, she speaks clearly, as she just did (about 2:20am or so). I’d been playing StarFox Adventures when she fell asleep (my GameCube is beside the bed), and I was in the Walled City stage, exploring the landscape. I’d been looking for a certain item, and hunting all around the essentially Mayan level, arranged in a square. Fiona just opened her eyes, looked over at me, and said I should check all four corners, then asked me if I had. I said yes, and she nodded, satisfied, and closed her eyes again. She will have no recollection of any of this in the morning, nor would she if I wakened her right now. I actually find it quite endearing. :) Now I’m off to sleep too.