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Fiona isn't well

personal 1 min read

Well, she’s not exactly unwell, but she’s developed spots all over her body. Not fine red marks like with measles or whatever, but larger spots which look like blisters. There’s no itching, nausea, or other symptoms, but the spots are a bit sensitive, as blisters usually are.

We had her up at the hospital yesterday, which was awful because they took a blood sample and Fiona has never had that done before. I’ve discovered the worst feeling a person can experience: someone you love being in pain and distress right beside you, and you can’t do anything about it. I was very drained afterwards, but I didn’t let on at the time.

In any case, the bloods didn’t show anything, and the A&E doc was puzzled. He consulted another doc, who consulted the registrar, who consulted a bloody textbook, and still they hadn’t a clue. Makes you think, eh?

In any case, we’re just waiting it out at the moment. If the spots haven’t cleared up noticeably by Monday, we’ll go to the university health service. The docs yesterday said that they weren’t too good with dermatological conditions, and that a regular GP or the uni health service would be better. I expected an antibiotics prescription, but perhaps we’ll get one tomorrow.

I feel bad for Fiona since she’s quite self-conscious about the spots. I’m trying to cheer her up and distract her as much as possible. I’m hoping that there’s a big improvement by Monday, so she’ll feel a bit better. :)