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Fiona's first Mac app

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Fiona did the Carbon temperature converter tutorial last night on a whim, 
and <a href=";w=28#83683413" target="_top">produced her first-ever Mac OS X application</a> 
(and indeed her first-ever application). We'll have her on a strict diet of Cocoa code from now on. ;)

She often laments the fact that she doesn't get as many comments on <a href="" target="_top">her blog</a> 
as I'm privileged to receive here at Irate Scotsman, so if you have a moment, 
pop over and leave a word or two.

Whilst I'm talking about Fiona, I would just like to point out that Fiona bought some new clothes today 
(nothing unusual in itself), and looked particularly stunning whilst modelling them earlier. 
With her permission, of course, here are a few pics. I'm <em>marrying</em> this woman! :D

Anyway, Fiona is now officially a fledgling Mac OS X developer. Anyone else have a non-coder spouse/S.O 
whom they've convinced to take up Project Builder? Anecdotes gratefully received.