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Lauren and I had been working in our respective labs this evening on coursework (no surprises there), and eventually it came time to take a break. We had dinner in the QM, then got into the car and headed out into the night.

I’d said to her earlier that there was somewhere we could go if she fancied a rest from working for a couple of hours, but that it had to be at 7:30 pm tonight. The event was of course a fireworks display, in this case arranged by North Lanarkshire council. We parked a couple of streets away, and arrived just in time for the beginning. It was pretty impressive, and notably well synchronised to the various pieces of classical music playing (In the Hall of the Mountain King, the William Tell Overture, Dance of the Knights, and so forth). Not a big deal, but a fun thing to do. It was really great to be there with her as the fireworks went off above us.

After the show, as we were leaving the park along with what seemed like most of the town, we passed someone selling glowsticks (plastic flexible tubes which fluoresce various different colours), and I bought one, placing it around Lauren’s head like some kind of disco tiara. She wore it the entire way back to the university in the car, all the time we were in the lab (a further two hours), and was still wearing it when I dropped her off at her flat tonight. I did of course have the presence of mind to take a pic with my phone earlier:

Lauren with a glowstick on her head

Yes, she still looks beautiful even with a fluorescent tube around her head. I’m a lucky guy indeed.