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First strike era

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The BBC News site yesterday informed us that 
"<a href="">Rumsfeld heralds 'first strike' era</a>".
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said that his country has entered a new era in which it must pre-emptively seek out and prevent attacks by terrorists and terrorist states.
Rumsfeld mentions how the recent invasion of Iraq was "notable for its compassion towards innocent civilians". If 
<a href="">this</a> is at all accurate, then his <em>compassion</em> is fast approaching 
the levels shown by the aircraft on 9/11 to the folk in the twin towers.


Displaying the firm grasp of English we've come to expect from members of the US government, he pointed out that:
The task we have is a different one in the 21st century - it is not conventional
Thankfully, he immediately eliminated any potential for misunderstanding, by adding a clarifying remark:
it is unconventional.
He is also known to have said:
It requires us to seek out and defend and prevent the attacks by terrorists.
Mr. Rumsfeld was, however, unforthcoming on how exactly he'd like to "defend and prevent" such attacks. 
Rumsfeld's speech-writer stood quietly in the background, massaging his own temples and muttering.


But enough facile ridicule of the below-average intelligence of the US government. Surely I'm not alone in finding 
all this very frightening indeed? A "first strike" era? There's <a href="">a word</a> for such practices, 
and it doesn't carry positive connotations.

One can only hope that Americans en masse wake up and do something to remove this dangerously mad administration 
with designs on the Earth, before the entire rest of the world ends up at war with the US.

One thing seems certain: if, in our future, we will eventually completely annihilate our civilisation and ourselves, 
the US government will be a primary culprit.