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I’ve moved.

As Lauren has already mentioned, we’ve moved in together. I’d originally intended to write a longer post, but hers pretty much sums up the whole chain of events. I’ll add a few of my own thoughts below.

I’d naturally thought about the possibility of us sharing a flat, since around Easter time onwards. I hesitated to mention it since I wasn’t sure whether it was too soon for that kind of thing; it didn’t feel too soon for me, either personally or in terms of how I felt the relationship was going; but it’s seen socially as a “big step”, so it was tricky to broach.

We did eventually discuss it, though, and (a few bumps and crises of adulthood on both sides notwithstanding), we both knew that we wanted to try this, and that it would work out for us. It’s not the easiest of things to bring up with the flat’s owners, Lauren’s parents, but they were amenable to the idea and sure enough, we went ahead with it. I signed the lease last Friday, and as of today I’m officially a tenant.

For my own part, I was ready to show my commitment to the relationship by doing this, and I’m incredibly happy that Lauren feels strongly enough about us that she wanted me to move in. We’re both completely comfortable with each other, and even after more than 9 months we still seem to be firmly in the honeymoon period. I love this girl, and everything about this just feels right to me. I feel that my life really is getting on track.

So, now it’s not just Lauren’s flat, nor even “the” flat. It’s my new address; it’s home. That’s still something I’ve to completely grasp, but it’s great. I don’t think I’ve ever been this settled, and so confident about the future.

Oh, and we just signed up for 8Mbps broadband. I’m thinking of the word “bliss”.


P.S. Anyone who wants the new address, give me a call (on the mobile; the land line is obviously being disconnected soon) or a text message, email me (matt.gemmell at gmail), or catch me on AIM (macmcprogrammer) or MSN (mulderuk at hotmail). We’ll have some kind of flat-warming thing in due course.

P.P.S. For those who don’t know, “flitting” is a Scottish word for moving home.