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For Gary

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When <a href="">Gary</a> read about my 
<a href="">iCalendar control</a>, 
he said that it was missing one essential ingredient in order to be successful in the Mac 
market: gratuitous drop-shadows. This one's for you, Gary:
The pic also serves as a quick demo of the control's ability to show rounded borders, to 
display a background image (proportionally scaled and then centre-cropped to fit), and to 
have fractional alpha applied to any element of the interface whose color you can customise.

As to whether I'll leave in the ability to apply drop-shadows, that's yet to be decided. It 
would only display the shadows on Panther or later, since they make use of the new NSShadow 
class (yes, I've seen <a href="">ShadowView</a>, 
but it's using an undocumented API, and I'm not comfortable doing that in something that I may 
try to sell).