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Friday happenings

university 1 min read

Just a few miscellanous notes on yesterday, including pics taken with the camera 
on my phone. Such posts will maybe become quite frequent here from now on.
I suppose I should first mention that on Thursday night we all went to see 
The Medallion, the new Jackie Chan flick. It was... <em>entertaining</em>, 
in the sense that it was so bad it was funny. I'll leave you to read 
<a href="">Gary's review</a> 
for yourself. It's worth mentioning that, whilst travelling on the tube (underground/subway) 
to the city centre, we discovered that Jill is in fact too short to reach the handrails above 
the seats. Luckily, 
<a href="">Koi was kind enough to hold onto her</a> 
in case she fell over.

Our only actual lecture yesterday was GMM (graphics and multimedia; really imaging), and it was rather criminally boring. 
In fact, we were so bored that <a href="">Gary just lost consciousness</a>, 
and <a href="">even I nodded off</a> at once point (thanks to Qadir for the 
pic of me).

By far the high-point of the day was that Jill decided to <a href="">wear a skirt</a> 
to uni for the first time since... well, in recent memory. The fishnets and boots were all good too. Now we just need to convince Colleen and the other computing 
ladies to continue the trend. ;)

Staggeringly, I finally managed to take pics of Lachlann, finally laying to rest those rumours that he doesn't show up in photos. At first, he was <a href="">relucant as usual</a>, 
but then I managed to sneak a pic whilst he was <a href="">concentrating on writing a text message</a> (or was he just sleeping?), 
and finally he just <a href="">adopted a threatening posture</a>. Oh, and Disco Stu <a href="">hacked your mainframe</a>.


After our Algorithmics examples class, Disco Stu and I went to Jim's Bar for a couple of drinks, then I returned to the lab to 
finish up some work with Lachlann and Dave. Jill got out of her PAL (Peer-Assisted Learning; she tutors 1st year computing students) meeting 
at about 5:20pm, we returned to Jim's and chatted for a bit, before returning to her flat. Her offer to cook dinner was gratefully accepted 
(though since she was nervous about cooking, we agreed to simply call it "food-based action" instead of dinner, in deference to <a href=";key=PCW">Neil</a>). 
Jill, you did fine - dinner was good! After dinner we sat with Jill's flatmate Cate and played bastard (it's a card game, also known as shit-head).

I finally got back into the car around 9:45pm, and here we are. All in all, a good day!