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Future directions

development, interface, source, tech, user experience & work 1 min read

I’ve been thinking lately about my business, Instinctive Code, and my future directions with it. I’ve been running Instinctive Code for more than three years now, and things are going better than ever. Up until now I’ve been primarily focused on providing development services, and will continue to do so - indeed, I have some very exciting work lined up over the next few months. As I’ve mentioned previously, though, I want to expand the software side of the business this year.

My recent post on how the iPad fits into my development work cemented something in my mind: the aspect of my work I’m most passionate about is the thinking; much more so than the actual coding. There’s nothing I enjoy more than designing an intuitive interface, or considering an appropriate default behaviour, or creating a flexible and powerful API. I love writing code, but what fires my imagination is the actual brain work behind (and often before) what we “actually do”.

I realised that that’s the reason I write about user experience and the psychology of software interaction. That’s why I talk about app design issues on The MDN Show. That’s why I speak on those topics. And it’s also why I’m so intensely interested in iPad and it’s class of devices; because it fits into and complements my thinking workflow.

This lead to a natural conclusion: Instinctive Code will create tools for thinkers; software to help you decide, design and develop.

I’m coming at this with a natural bias towards software engineers, but by no means an exclusive focus. If you’re a thinking professional who’s open to new tools and new ways to use your devices to aid your work, I want to make apps for you.

I want to be clear that I’ll be targeting both Mac OS X and iPad/iPhone; no-one is abandoning the Mac (it’s my bread and butter and I love the platform dearly - I think it has a very strong future too). My output will fall into three categories: software, source code, and of course services. First up is a for-pay source code UI component for iPad, which is getting close to completion; more soon.

I’ll be blogging more about these things in due course. This particular focus feels like a very natural fit for me, and will allow me to contribute to the community I care about in a new way. I’m excited about the future.