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university 1 min read

There was a funny moment the other night in the lab, where I managed to make Colleen blush (which is quite a feat).
It was around 9pm, and John Ewing (E-wing, as he's known) was talking about how much you need to customise 
Microsoft Word in order to make it behave in a remotely acceptable fashion, and Colleen jumped in with the 
assertion that she'd completely customised her copy of Word, configuring her toolbars and preferences and 
so on, and even setting up many macros in Excel.

After a moment's consideration, I interjected "Did anyone else just get really turned on?", and everyone fell about. 
C was blushing prettily, and E-wing remarked that most people would just <em>think</em> that, but not actually say it 
aloud. If it's worth thinking, surely it's worth saying?