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Getting there...

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I <a href="">previously said</a>:
It occurs to me that, if I were to abandon b2 for this, I'd lose:
  • Comments
  • Trackbacks
  • Automatic ping when posting
  • Searching
  • The "more..." functionality
I'm whittling that list down almost daily.
  • I'm working on comments at the moment. Nearly there!
  • We have trackbacks.
  • ping won't be difficult at all.
  • Searching is something I haven't yet thought-through much.
  • We have "Read More".
I'd say we're about half-way through my list. Stay tuned for more progress in the coming days!


<strong>Footnote:</strong> I wasn't entirely satisfied with my trackbacks implementation,
since it didn't show the <em>number</em> of trackbacks beside the link.

I tweaked it a bit more, and it now does show the number (actually, it only shows the number
if there's at least 1, which is my preferred behaviour). I'll post on how to set it all up
yourself soon.