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Gillian Anderson desktop

personal 1 min read

Continuing my manic <a href="">X-Files phase</a>, 
I was scouring the interweb for Gillian Anderson desktop pics (or "wallpaper", for the inflicted). I'm <strong>extremely</strong> selective 
about my desktops, and ruthless about getting rid of those which I no longer like. I like to be certain that I have the best 
possible desktop for each phase, craze or mood.

I finally settled on <a href="">this one</a> (JPEG, 1024x768px). 
If anyone can find a more <em>staggeringly beautiful</em> desktop pic of Gill, bring it right on.

Incidentally, Fiona and I allow each other the indulgence of desktop pics and screensaver slideshows of choice members of the appropriate opposite sex. I was going to back this up with a note that her current desktop was of Jonathan Frakes as Cmdr. William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I notice that she's now changed it to a teddy-bear called Newton. Hmm.