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GMM Revision

university 1 min read

Revising for the <a href="">Graphics & Multimedia</a> (GMM) exam can be a serious pain. 
Thankfully, <a href="">Derek</a> is on hand with a useful memory aid.
Derek:i have an mnemonic for a part of gmm, that you might find useful
Matt:fire away
Neil:share with the class
Derek:you know when you're looking at fishnet porn on the interweb?
Matt:I'm going to say "sure" in order to move this on.
Neil:no *
Derek:and you click to see the full-size picture, but the browser does that shitty thing of resizing it to fit?
Derek:and you look at her legs, and something seems wrong?
Derek:that's the nyquist sampling limit.
Derek:either that, or you're looking at cripple porn. and that's not my bag
Matt:so the take-home part of that is: resized-to-fit fishnet porn leg distortion = nyquist sampling limit
Matt:got it.
Derek:you're seeing spurious low spatial frequencies
Derek:due to aliasing
Derek:it's a pain
Derek:i can't look at it now without thinking of gmm :/
Matt:it must ladder those fishnets something awful too.