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Good movie tie-ins

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As I <a href="">mentioned previously</a>, I 
saw the movie Johnny English recently. Today, I bought the soundtrack CD and also visited the 
<a href="">website</a>, and was 
pleased to discover that they exhibit many of the hallmarks of good movie tie-ins.
  • The site offers desktop pictures ("wallpaper", if you must) in sizes greater than 1024x768, as well as the usual 800x600 and 1024x768 itself.
  • The site includes audio clips from the movie. I like that.
  • The site offers a Mac OS X-specific screensaver, as well as Windows and classic Mac OS ones. (Admittedly, I couldn't get the OS X screensaver to work, but you have to give them credit for trying).
  • The soundtrack really is the soundtrack; it includes both songs and score from the movie, in proper order. This is incredibly important!
  • The soundtrack is not copy-protected. I don't trust protected CDs in my hifi equipment, and certainly not in my PowerBook.
  • And quite probably more.

Other movies' tie-in sites/soundtracks would do well to emulate the positive points mentioned above.