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Good question

university 1 min read

Yet another point to ponder, courtesy of Neil Inglis.
Neil:what percentage of the worlds women do you think have done porn?
Matt:does that include pics taken by their boyfriends etc?
Neil:pictures published somewhere.. internet, magazine, video
Neil:and let's factor out the 3rd world
Matt:then I'd say that within western societies it's probably about 2%
Neil:it must have increased exponentially since the internet.
Matt:well yes
Neil:fair guess
Neil:I only know of one girl that I know who's had her pics on the internet
Neil:and I don't even have the URL :/
Matt:if you included "private pics" taken for fun, the % surges
Matt:especially for folk who are <30 today. You're probably talking something around 65%
Neil:I'm just wondering when it'll get to the stage that I can't walk down the street without saying "Hey, I've seen you naked!"
Matt:live the dream dude
Matt:you know, technically you could just say that now. Doesn't have to be true to be funny.
Neil:I'll hang a pair of binoculars from my neck
Neil:walk down the street and say it to random women.