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Guy Talk

university 1 min read

More IRC chatlog banter, this time concerning <a href=";key=DJC&amp;sid=K">Jill</a>, her little sister, and porn.
Matt:damn I love this phone
Matt:trying to think of a new desktop for it, since the apple clearly annoys mark far too much.
Matt:well really just because I can.
Matt:not in a porn mood lately, believe it or not.
Matt:oh don't be so utterly shocked
Mark:how about p*rn matt ??
Mark:just an idea
Matt:yeah I considered that
Matt:had to restrain Spoonie from showing Jill and her little sister his phone porn today.
Gary:not in a porn mood.... these are words i know, but they don't make sense together... can't comprehend
Stuart:is jill's little sister littler than jill?
Mark:she hot?
Matt:no, she's about a foot taller
Stuart:she hot? :)
Mark:she hot?
Matt:well maybe not a foot, but whatever.
Matt:Christ guys
Mark:she hot?
Stuart:that good eh?
Matt:well this chatlog is definitely getting sent to Jill, heh.
Gary:she hot?