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Had a pleasant evening

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Fiona and I have had a really good night. We did some assembly language work in the early evening, then went through to watch Close Encounters of The Third Kind on 5 at 8pm (it was the special edition, complete with aliens). Always an enjoyable movie (and Dreyfus’ wife is always shrill and irritating). That reminds me; Spielberg’s “Taken” is being serialised on BBC2 on Saturday evenings at the moment, and it’s fairly awful in my opinion. Utterly unengaging, and the narrator’s voice (the little girl) is exceptionally precocious and read. But I digress.

After the movie finished (at 10:35pm, due to 5’s incessant ad breaks and news bulletins), we went through and just played around on the computers for a little while, made love, then had a little supper (Chana Dhal with plenty of naan bread), then started to settle down for the night. At about 12:45 am I suggested we go out for a drive, even though Fiona was lying in bed at this point, and so we did - we spent over an hour just driving around, through the town and out through the backroads in the countryside, then when we arrived back in town we stopped off to get some fuel and a couple of magazines (I got my regular Private Eye, and Fiona got one of those gossipy magazines). We’ve been sitting with cold drinks in front of the fire reading our mags since we got back at about 2 am or so. Now we’re off to bed. ‘Night, everybody.

[Oh, one more thing: Fiona has put up two picture galleries; one of Thai (our 1-year-old boxer), and Ben (our almost 1-year-old labrador). Take a look!]