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Halfway There

university 1 min read

Worrying developments for Tommy and Gina.

You have no idea how much this happens. It’s often.

Matt:Tommy used to work on the docks
Neil:Union went on strike?
Matt:and the poor man is down on his luck
Neil:that's tough
Matt:yes, it's tough
Matt:Gina, however,
Matt:she works the diner all day
Neil:ah, working for her man
Neil:what does she bring her pay home for?
Matt:for love
Matt:she's of the opinion that they've got to hold on to what they've got
Matt:because it doesn't really make a difference if they make it or not; they've got each other.
Neil:that's a lot.
Matt:it is.
Matt:For love, if for nothing else, they will assuredly give it a shot.