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Happy Birthday Fiona!

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It’s Fiona’s birthday today (today is now Friday 7th Feb here in the UK, albeit just about one hour into the 7th), so Happy Birthday Bug!

We both went into the city centre after lectures this afternoon, and I gave her £100 to spend on clothes. We came out with three full bags! Lots of summery stuff for Gran Canaria, and more. She got a great blue dress, which looks amazing on her. I’m a lucky man. :)

She got her presents from Thai and Ben tonight too; a set of talcum-powder, perfume etc from Ben and a box of Maltesers from Thai. My mother got her a nice purple top. I’m sure she’ll tell you more about all her birthday things on her blog tomorrow.

In other news, I also got myself a new shirt, some swim-shorts, and a cord jacket. Apparently I look really good in the jacket. I’m still sorely tempted by a new car, but today it’s been the ‘02 Renault Clio rather than the ‘03 Fiesta. We’ll see what happens. I’ve also played more of StarFox Adventures; now more than 35% through, got the second Krazoa Spirit, and now in the process of returning it to the Krazoa Palace. There’s an infuriating dark bit at the entrance to the palace, through which you need to carry a fuel barrel through on a timer. It’s bloody annoying. I tried it twice or so and found my rage rising, so I gave it a rest for today. ;)

Oh, and I got a new Knopfler CD today (actually second-hand, from one of the constant music-sales at Qudos in the QM). A great limited edition Golden Heart promo, with Darling Pretty and two songs I’ve never heard before, along with some sepia postcards. Great stuff. I swear I’ll catalogue all my Knopfler/Straits stuff and post here about it, with pics of some of my best and most-desirable stuff. You’ll be envious.

Off to get some supper now and then sleep; we get an extra hour in bed tomorrow morning (actually this morning), so the drive in will be great, but parking at the uni will be a hassle - probably need to park at the art galleries instead. Then we’re meeting Yvonne (my stepmother) in the College Club for lunch, as a little treat for Fiona’s birthday. Looking forward to it!