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Happy Birthday Steve

university 1 min read

Yesterday marked the 22nd birthday of Mr. Stephen Strowes, so drop by his site and send some slightly belated birthday wishes in his direction. Chris and I met up with Steve yesterday lunchtime to hand over the three components of every bloke’s perfect birthday gift:

  • Flowers (roses, since you ask)
  • Some Mr Kipling Cakes
  • A porn mag

We bumped into Colleen whilst on the way to deliver the stuff and she seemed mildly jealous at not being the intended recipient of the flowers, so we may have to get her some too. She’ll probably not want any porn, though.

Best moment was unquestionably when we’d been to Safeway to get the flowers and cakes, and then walked into a newsagent to buy the magazine; we were standing in the middle of the shop, just over from the tills where many people were queued, and the following immortal line was uttered:

Right, we've got the cake and flowers. Now we just need some pornography.

We rule.