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Happy Birthday to me

personal 1 min read

Well, I'm officially another year older today.
I was fortunate enough to receive some great gifts, as follows:
  • Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast, from Fiona. :)
  • Star Trek The Next Generation Season 3 DVD collection! Also from Fiona, who previously bought me seasons 1 and 2.
  • A car vacuum-cleaner, powered from the lighter socket, with all manner of attachments and trickery. I've wanted one of these for months! Now I have no excuse not to keep the inside clean too. That was from my mother.
  • More of my favourite aftershave (Paco Rabanne XS).
  • Various little car-related things (screenwash, deionised water, and such). Very handy to have in the boot.
  • A navy blue v-neck t-shirt. I tend to always wear dark colours.
  • An extremely large Toblerone.
  • Many nice cards from various folk.
I hope to go and see my father either tonight or in the next couple of days, depending on his work schedule. Haven't seen him in almost 
a month (since his birthday in the second week of May, in fact). Martin (my younger brother) should also be coming out here this weekend. 
I also got some money from my relatives, so that'll probably be going straight into Splinter Cell for the cube and Shenmue for the DC. I 
found out that it's pronounced "shen-moo", or perhaps "shen-myoo", incidentally.

Fiona tells me that she's bought me another gift which hasn't arrived yet, so what with that and the Dreamcast on the way, I shall no doubt 
be accosting the postman each morning from now on! Fiona also surprised me this afternoon with a hand-made online greeting - 
<a href="">take a look at it here</a>. Isn't she great? :)

Thanks to those who sent an e-card or emailed to say happy birthday - I'll be sure to eat an additional piece of my Scooby Doo birthday cake 
in your honour! (You're never too old for a fun birthday cake, eh?)