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Hierarchical folders in the Leopard Dock with Quay

general 1 min read

Still hate Stacks in the Leopard Dock? Rainer Brockerhoff has just released version 1.0 of Quay, his Leopard-or-later utility to give you back hierarchical browsing of folders in the Dock.

It uses no hacks or hidden features, and actually gives you a fair bit more functionality than Tiger’s Dock used to. €7 shareware (about $10).

Quay screenshot

Quay lets you change the folder’s icon in the Dock, and superimpose badges.

Quay screenshot

You can even change the colour of the folder itself, for easier visual classification.

Quay screenshot

You can also choose the size of icons shown in the menu (or whether they’re visible at all), whether to show invisible files, how to sort the list, and a few other things.

It’s rather cool, and a free trial version is available - head on over to the Quay homepage to find out more.