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Hot or Not

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The whole <a href="">Hot or Not</a> thing has finally invaded our degree course (well, our circle of friends anyway), 
and so your chances of finding a Glasgow University Computing Science honours student on Hot or Not have 
never been greater.

Here are the usual suspects; rate them kindly.
Colleen (The Betty)
Jill (J-Low)
Matthew (Spoonie)
Derek (Mary) - Here's his blog.
Neil (Eltrain)
Matt (Captain) - Your friendly neighbourhood Irate Scotsman.
Koi (Danger)

Honourable (and not so honourable) mentions also go to the folk below. I can't link to their Hot or Not profiles for various reasons...
Catriona (Cat) - Has no profile (yet).
Stuart (Stuwee) - Took his profile down like a cry-baby. Here's his site.
Gary (Chad) - Also took his profile down like a cry-baby. Here's his blog.
Fiona (Bug) - Won't let me link to her profile. Here's her site and her blog.