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How do you use ichat: URLs?

tech 1 min read

I just noticed (whilst playing around with my own GetNetApps source-code) that Jaguar recognises both “ical:” and “ichat:” protocols in URLs, and launches the respective applications. The iCal URLs are straightforward enough; you just specify the full address of a “.ics” calendar file, and away you go. But what do you specify for an “ichat:” URL?

I tried my own AIM name, but nothing happened. Unfortunately, none of my buddies are on at the moment, so I can’t test with their names. I also tried a randomly-chosen “”, but again nothing. For what it’s worth, you can drag such URLs to the desktop to make Internet Location files which will indeed launch iChat.

Anyone know the ins and outs of the protocol? Or is it just as I’ve said above, and I’ll be able to get it working once one of my buddies gets online? I’m MadMcProgrammer (AIM), by the way.

Update: According to Erik, “ichat:” is just ordinary HTTP, and nothing either of us has tried has succeeded in getting iChat to actually do anything with the query string. My assumption is that iChat simply registers its “protocol” with the system, and the logic for handling appropriate URLs will be implemented in a future release.