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I love it when you code

personal 1 min read

I tend to code a lot more during the summer, for whatever reason. As we're getting towards that time now, 
and I've thus once again began to code a lot more, Fiona recently remarked on this phenomenon.
We were just sitting, me with my PowerBook and Fiona with her cross-stitching, and 
I was waiting for a compile to finish. I asked if she minded me still working on 
the project (I'd been coding for quite a while at that point), and she replied:
I really like it when it gets to summer and you really get back into programming, because you sit and type away for ages then you'll all of a sudden turn around and start talking about what you're programming, and you'll talk about your ideas. You get up off your chair and pace the floor, gesticulating, and ask my opinions on things you've been thinking about. And when I give feedback you'll listen and comment on my ideas. You'll either say "that's great", or you'll say "well, what about this?", and we'll talk through it. Also you'll be up until 3-4 in the morning but it's OK because I know that you're making progress. You're up until that time now playing videogames, but when you're coding I know that you're doing something worthwhile.

I love this woman. I wouldn't have asked her to marry me if I didn't, but you know what 
I mean. She lets me code obsessively! She <em><strong>encourages</strong></em> it!