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I Want To Dance With Some Children

university 1 min read

Yet more vintage chat-based banter, once again from Derek and me.

The context: I’m charging up my new mobile phone (a Sony Ericsson K700i, since you ask), and trying to pass the time until I can play with it properly. We now join the chat, already in progress:

Matt:what you up to?
Derek:trying to think of songs that contain the laughter of children
Matt:ok, that is somehow very, very creepy
Matt:god damn it
Matt:will this phone EVER charge?
Matt:or will it just continue to draw electricity from the grid and into its battery, accumulating more and more charge without ever being satisfied, until eventually everyone in the entire world has to get their power directly from MY FUCKING MOBILE PHONE?
Matt:granted that's a worst case scenario
Derek:or best case, if you consider the considerable influence you could wield
Matt:I'd abuse that kind of power
Derek:no pun intended?
Matt:I also have to assume that, as the movies have taught us so well, any device which consumes more than a certain level of electrical power shall naturally become sentient and thus wish to hold sway over its own affairs, not being beholden to a mere flesh-and-bone master.
Matt:and yes, no pun intended.
Matt:Oh I wanna dance with somebody
Matt:I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Matt:yeah I wanna dance with somebody
Matt:with somebody who loves me
Derek:heh, I was thinking of that song earlier today
Matt:it's classic
Matt:both terrible and the source of many visceral memories of youth
Matt:a lot like visiting your family, I guess
Derek:s/your/one's/g in the above, please
Matt:I was just interested to see what your response would be to the ambiguity there
Derek:predictably geeky

Incidentally, Derek feels that “every time I appear in one of your blogged MSN conversations, it’s like I’ve made a cameo appearance”. That being the case, many thanks to him for helping to bring this piece to you, and indeed for the suitably dodgy title.