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Icon for videogames?

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I'm working on a Mac OS X application which keeps track (in quite a unique way; more at a later date) 
of collections of CDs, DVDs, videotapes and videogames. As part of the display, I 
plan to show a simple icon indicating which medium each item belongs to (DVD, tape, CD, game).

The icon for CD is easy enough; just two concentric circles in appropriate proportions. DVDs can be 
represented by a small version of the "DVD" logo, and tapes can have the standard 'tape-loop' symbol. 
The question is, what visually-simple, representative icon can I use for videogames?

Pac-man? A little rocketship sort of thing? It must be of the same order of visual complexity as the 
other symbols I've mentioned, must be very clear at a maximum of 32x32 pixels (and more likely 24x24 px), 
and will likely be rendered monochromatically. Suggestions?