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Icon Resource - Learn to create your own OS X icons

development, general & interface 1 min read

Just a heads-up to all those Mac developers looking to learn a bit about icon design (that’s all of us, right?) - Sebastiaan de With of Cocoia fame has today launched his new site at

It’s a site where for a very modest fee you can get access to video tutorials (and all accompanying materials like Photoshop files) teaching the essentials of icon design and creation for your Mac software, using Photoshop. It’s aimed at the intermediate computer user - you don’t need to be a designer - and the videos are all in both HD Quicktime and iPhone-ready formats.

For the same cost as a couple of hours (or less) of a designer’s time, you can get access to Sebastiaan’s excellent tutorial materials and get involved in your own icon design work. I’ve personally always really wanted to know a bit more about what goes into the process of icon creation, and I can highly recommend Sebastiaan’s work. This should be an awesome resource for those looking to get a foothold in icon design (including me). Check it out.