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A lot of people seem to be quite taken with the idea of using their blog to show what music they’re currently listening to (often in iTunes). For the record, I’m currently listening to Liebling by Andreas Johnson (specifically “Glorious”, on Repeat One mode). I’m certainly not using iTunes; I have several thousand pounds worth of hifi separates to do that job.

The thing is, I don’t expect you to care in the least bit. I know that I’m not really interested in what others are listening to; it just doesn’t engage me or tell me anything. Average all the “what I’m listening to” lists in all the blogs on the entire net, and you’re pretty much just going to get a merge of the current US and UK top 40s. Fascinating? Nope. Depressing, more like.

If you want to put something on your blog which will really tell me something about you, and make me come back to check on a daily basis, post a pic of what you’re wearing each morning. Read a book, and tell me about it. Download a software demo, and review it. Favourite position? Scully or Reyes? Cmdr Riker: with or without the beard? Even postulate a theory as to how the arrival of Voyager back in the Alpha Quadrant laden with technology from the future would have affected the timeline. Just don’t tell me what MP3s you’re currently playing; it’s the most uninteresting thing I can imagine.

Footnote: no offense intended to Erik; NSLog is on my daily reading list, as you can see, and it should probably be on yours too. Interesting blend of life thoughts and Mac-related posts. Erik is the chap behind Freshly Squeezed SW, CDC, and several other popular sites.