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In a dangerous world

general & university 2 min read

Yet another disturbing chatlog with Neil.

Is it not scarcely believable that this man is still single?

Matt:I have a new song that I play on repeat-one whilst walking to work in the morning, to set me up for the day.
Matt:the Baywatch theme.
Neil:hah brilliant
Matt:truly is
Neil:love that tune
Matt:though I think it makes me walk funny
Neil:almost jogging?
Matt:well yes
Matt:with permanent smug/narcissistic look on face
Neil:One of my friends bought a pair of orange shorts and a vest like they had and goes out jogging in it
Neil:he was looking to buy one of the, uh, "orange floating things" they carry too
Matt:that's too far
Neil:he's trying to become famous in glasgow, it's a good 'hook'
Neil:I do so miss Baywatch
Neil:quality plots
Matt:all praise to the Hoff
Neil:heh, you won't have seen my Hoff T-Shirt
Neil:it's got a picture of him and KITT and says Knight Rider on it
Neil:I always get strange looks when wearing it as the picture of the hoff is pretty big
Matt:he's a legend
Neil:you know Germany chose him over U2 to play when the berlin wall went down?
Neil:or did I make that up...
Matt:I did not know that
Neil:ah no he did play when the wall went down
Neil:he's responsible for bringing it down!
Matt:"In Germany, children have brought me thousands of flowers"
Matt:truly epic
Matt:I'll be reeeeeeaaaady
Neil:Hoff composed that yeah?
Matt:that's what I heard
Matt:never known if it was true though
Matt:aye it really was him (google says so)
Neil:I bet he's a fabulous lover.
Matt:that is such a Neil thing to say
Neil:Are you denying that he is?
Matt:well I can't speak from any experience, but I would agree with your assessment wholeheartedly.
Neil:Never has a women climbed unsatisfied from his bed.
Neil:In most cases they crawl out having lost feeling in their legs.
Matt:I'm certain they do
Matt:then KITT takes them home
Neil:nah, he kills them and KITT dumps them in the bushes somewhere.

Neil Inglis: a lone crusader in a dangerous world. The world… of the Knight Rider.