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Incipio Feather for iPhone 6

tech 1 min read

I’m currently trying out an iPhone 6. I’ll probably write about that in due course, but for the moment I can summarise my feelings as: great build quality, improved battery life, but it’s just too big.

I’ve been trying a few cases for the new phone too, and I’ve found one that suits my needs perfectly. You might also be interested in taking a look at it.

My checklist for an iPhone 6 case is:

  • Must be thin, light, and transparent.

  • Cut-outs for all ports and buttons, not button-covers that make it hard to change the volume (or trigger the camera, or lock the device).

  • A large enough rear cut-out to offset the protruding camera, allowing the phone to lie flat on its back.

  • As small a front lip as possible, so minimise interference with edge-swipe gestures.

The Incipio Feather case (Amazon UK, and Amazon US) meets all of those requirements with ease.


It’s a solid case, made of transparent plastic (there are several solid-colour options available too). The ports and buttons are all exposed via smooth cut-outs, with plenty of room around them for your fingers.


The lip around the front is incredibly shallow; it’s barely above the edge of the device itself. It doesn’t interfere with edge-swipes at all, but it will just barely keep the phone’s screen off a surface if you put it face-down.


The speakers, microphone, Lightning port and microphone socket all have contoured cut-outs around them, to avoid interfering with any connectors.


The camera cut-out on the rear is just barely deeper than the protruding camera itself, making the case completely stable. The surround is naturally not visible through the viewfinder, and leaves ample room for the dual flash.


It’s not the cheapest case available, and it’s still just as smooth and potentially slippery as the phone itself, but it’s a pretty great option given my criteria. If you have similar needs, I’d advise you to strongly consider it.

The Incipio Feather case is available on Amazon UK, and Amazon US.