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As <a href="">Chris mentioned</a>, 
we were talking at some point about the usefulness of having an incinerator if you 
were going to kill someone (it <em>was</em> late), and Chris said you should also 
have an Insinuator; a program which periodically makes insinuations about you and 
your family. So, I made one.
Essentially, it just periodically (semi-randomly; currently capped to intervals 
between 2 and 10 seconds) presents an alert which makes some kind of insinuation. 
Here's what it looks like in action:
Download the <a href="">app (including source) here</a>. 
For Mac OS X only, though it's so pitifully simple I daresay you could rewrite it 
for any other platform in minutes. The source is an Xcode 1.5 project, but the 
code should run on any OS X version.