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Invalid Serial

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I got an email yesterday from someone whom we shall call "John". He said:
Why does WritePro tellme I have the wrong serial number in installation?
"John" is referring to <a href="">CSS Write Pro</a>, 
an <a href="">Adobe GoLive</a> Action which I created and have been maintaining for several years. 

Now, Actions are basically just HTML files. They contain some custom tags which define 
a UI to be shown in GoLive's Inspector palette, which in turn lets you edit various parameters. 
They also contain some JavaScript, which is inserted into the web pages you create with 

They're HTML files (albeit with the ".action" suffix). Download CSS Write Pro and see, if you like. 
There's no serial-number mechanism anywhere (CSS Write Pro is free anyway). Needless to say, I was a bit puzzled. 
I replied:
CSS Write Pro doesn't use any kind of serial number for anything. It might be your zip-decoding program that is giving you that message, or maybe Adobe GoLive itself.

CSS Write Pro is just an HTML/JavaScript file.
Within about an hour, I received this reply:
ok. i found write pro in My Software. i havent even had time to try it.
The mind boggles.


<span class="footnote">
	Footnote: I receive vast amounts of such email. It's inevitable when you've been releasing software 
	for several years, and it's linked from all over the place. I have quite a collection of, 
	shall we say, teeth-grindingly stupid messages. This new "email" category on the blog will 
	house some notable examples, both new arrivals and those forever preserved in the Archive of