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iPad Pro 9.7" for sale

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Update: the iPad Pro and accessories have been sold.

My wife surprised me with a new 10.5” iPad Pro for my birthday, so I’m selling my 9.7” model. It’s only eight months old, in fantastic condition, and includes some accessories too. It’s an amazing machine if you want to work on an iPad full-time, or if you’re a developer who wants to get ahead of the game in supporting the new iPad-specific features in iOS 11. All the details are below.

Summary: iPad Pro 9.7” gold, 128GB, wi-fi, still under warranty, latest iOS. Boxed, complete, mint condition. Plus Logitech Create keyboard case, and a couple of extra cases. About £520, plus shipping. If interested, please fill in this form.

iPad Pro 9.7-inch plus accessories for sale

The iPad Pro is the 9.7” 2016 model (there was only one), and the model code is A1673, which means it includes all the True Tone display stuff too. You can find the full tech specs here. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 128GB storage.
  • Gold.
  • Wi-fi (no cellular).
  • Running the newest iOS at time of writing (10.3.2), and compatible with iOS 11
  • Fully functional in every way. No problems or repairs.
  • Still under warranty, for at least 4 more months. Purchased on 28th October, 2016.
  • In practically-new cosmetic condition.
  • Boxed in the original packaging.
  • Includes everything from the original box: iPad Pro, Lightning cable, charger.
  • It’s the UK version, which means a UK plug in the box.

I also have some accessories I’m including, because they won’t fit on the (slightly taller and wider) 10.5” version I have now. They are:

  • A Logitech Create keyboard case. It’s the best keyboard case I’ve ever used: great typing action, iOS shortcut keys, Smart Connector for power and instant pairing, backlit keys if you want, great protection, and holds an Apple Pencil too (not included). I’ll be buying the 10.5” version as soon as it’s available. Note that this is the UK keyboard layout, by the way. It’s also boxed in its original packaging.

  • A gorgeous brown leather case that holds the iPad and an Apple Pencil (still not included), props it up, and protects it. Has magnetic sleep/wake too. It’s a lovely thing. I’m sad to part with it. It’s this one, but note it doesn’t include the screen-protector film or the plastic stylus from the original package. No box either, but it doesn’t need one.

  • A transparent TPU back-cover protector. It’s soft and flexible, and when it’s on, you can barely see it. Good if you want to keep the iPad fully visible, but with some protection. It’s this one. No packaging for this; it was just shipped in a bag originally.

There are also two interesting things to note:

  • I’ve added a cool webcam privacy cover to the iPad Pro. If you don’t want it, it just pulls straight off. When you want to use the FaceTime camera, the cover just slides over. It’s one of these.

Webcam privacy cover on iPad Pro

  • I’ve added some stickers to the Logitech keyboard case. They’ll peel off if you don’t want them, but I think they look pretty good.

Stickers on rear of Logitech Create keyboard case

And that’s everything. I’m looking for about £520 for the bundle, plus shipping.

If you’re interested in buying, please fill in this form.

You pay the asking price plus the shipping cost, which we’ll work out later. I recommend a fully insured and tracked method, but it’s your choice. Payment will be via PayPal (or UK bank transfer), in advance. If you’re able to come to Edinburgh, you can collect it too. Note that demand tends to be high when I sell my unneeded devices, so it’s wise to add a maximum bid in the form too, but that’s entirely up to you.

Thanks for reading! Once again, if you’d like to buy this stuff, please fill in this form.