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iPhone NDA to be lifted

development & tech 1 min read

Apple has today updated its iPhone Developer Program portal with a message indicating that the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for the iPhone SDK is to be “dropped for released iPhone software” (which presumably means versions of the iPhone SDK which correspond to publicly released versions of the iPhone firmware - at time of writing, this would be the iPhone SDK for firmwares 2.0 and 2.1). I’ve archived the text of the message here.

This change is to take place within a week or so of the date of this post (Wednesday 1st October 2008), when developers will receive an updated agreement with the new terms. This new state of affairs should allow public discussion of iPhone SDK APIs, the publication of books on iPhone development, iPhone SDK development training courses, open source code releases, and more. Unreleased (beta) versions of future iPhone firmwares will remain under NDA until they are released, as is the case with beta version of Mac OS X.

Surely another strong indication that, as I previously asserted, Apple is listening to our concerns.