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iPhones and iPad for sale

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Update: The iPhones and iPad have now all been sold. Thanks!

As I’m no longer an iOS developer (or any kind of developer), I’m selling my old iPhones and iPad. I used them as test devices for iOS apps, and they’re all in great condition. All the details are below.

All of the devices:

  • Are UK models.
  • Are fully unlocked.
  • Are fully functional.
  • Have unblemished screens.
  • Are in nearly-new condition cosmetically.
  • Include the relevant charger cable (Lightning or iPod to USB, as appropriate). Might be a third-party cable in some cases.
  • Are boxed in their original packaging.
  • Probably won’t include the mains plug, or the paperclip for the SIM tray.
  • Don’t include earphones. You don’t want someone else’s used earphones.

All the relevant specs are below, including the asking price. There’s also a form you can use to indicate interest. You pay the asking price plus the shipping cost, which we’ll work out later. I recommend a fully insured and tracked method, but it’s up to you. Payment will be via PayPal (or UK bank transfer). If you’re able to come to Edinburgh, you can collect too.

If you’re interested in any of these devices, please fill in this form.

Here are the devices I have. The things in square brackets are the Apple model numbers, so you can check all the specific details yourself. If you’re from outside Europe, be sure to check that the device’s cellular standards will work in your country, particularly for older devices. You can use Apple’s site for that.

  1. iPhone 6 [A1586], 64 GB Gold. iOS 10.0.2 installed. £250
  2. iPhone 5s [A1457], 16 GB Gold. iOS 8.3 installed. £120
  3. iPhone 5 [A1429], 16 GB Black. iOS 10.1 installed. £100
  4. iPhone 4S [A1387], 16 GB Black. iOS 7.0.4 installed. £50
  5. iPhone 4 [A1332], 16 GB Black. iOS 6.0.1 installed. £40
  6. iPad 3 (Wi-Fi) [A1416], 16 GB Black. iOS 9.3.5 installed. £80

Once again, you can use this form to register interest in a device.

Sometime soon I’ll also be selling my 27” iMac development machine, so keep an eye on my Twitter account (or here on the site) for more about that.