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Irate about User Interface

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Picasso Macintosh

I mentioned recently that I’d imported the posts from my old blog into this one, and I’ve finally had a chance to go through some of those posts and tidy them up. The overall impression I get from the more memorable ones is… man was I grumpy.

I wrote three complaints about Apple’s increasingly-custom UI within four days back in the golden year of 2003, before finally having the good grace to post an “it’s not all bad” follow-up. Check them out:

I even managed to have a snark at the easy targets of Netscape and Microsoft respectively, before audaciously nipping at the heels of the then-upcoming new Mac OS X Panther:

Grumpiness aside, there are some fairly decent UI-related posts in there. It’s interesting to note how features given to us by Tiger and Leopard now render some of those old discussions mostly irrelevant:

Lastly, these couple of non-development-related (and non-UI-related) posts still tickle me.

I’ll continue to update and fix the old posts as time permits, and do please excuse the extreme indulgence of this trip down memory lane.