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Is this a wise course of action, sir?

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Some good points about Star Trek: Nemesis.

Berman and Braga ran out of steam long, long ago. For the record, here’s my take on the assorted Trek series (not including the original), and be aware that I’m a serious Trekkie (I prefer “Trekkie” to “Trekker”, as does any classically-schooled Trek fan).

Enterprise is ill-conceived, with flat, weak characters and an insipid captain. Bakula shouldn’t have leapt into Archer. Next Generation was the glorious high-point (largely due to Patrick Stewart), with DS9 a close second (up until the Dominion Wars turned into lots of incredibly depressing six-story arcs). Voyager was just rubbish (for whatever reason, I always remember “Fury” with particular disgust), with Seven of Nine’s breasts being the only possible saving grace.

The next movie probably has to be an Enterprise one, which is a sobering thought indeed.