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Just a quick addition to my <a href="">Cocoa source code</a>; 
a project that shows you how to get the funky blue gradient row-highlighting behaviour found in iCal and 
iTunes (<a href="">here's an example</a>).

<a href="">Download it here</a> (.tgz, project requires Xcode/Panther).


<strong>Updated:</strong> now shows the grey gradient when not focused, as with iCal/iTunes. Oh, and Apple 
apparently calls this kind of tableview a "<a href="" target="_blank">Source List</a>".

<strong>Updated again:</strong> now behaves better with row sizes which don't match the size of the gradient images 
(gradients will be scaled to vertically fit). Also, now includes an NSImageCell subclass, so you can have imagecells 
with the gradient background too (<a href="">the project</a> and 
<a href="">the screenshot</a> have been updated to demonstrate this).