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iTunes 5

interface & tech 1 min read

So iTunes 5 is available. Not sure it’s really worth a whole-number upgrade, but I like it well enough.

First thing it does that we’ve all wanted for a while is allow organising your playlists into folders; about time too.

There’s a new window style, and I don’t mind it really. It’s just a custom darker version of OS X’s “unified title and toolbar look” windows (looking very like Tiger’s Mail), and I find it much easier to look at than the old brushed metal appearance. I found the metal windows to be incredibly “heavy”. By contrast, the new window looks extremely thin to me; like a piece of aluminium or such like.

Last thing I wanted to comment on is the new Search Bar, which I didn’t notice at all at first. It seems to be off by default; switch it on via cmd-shift-B or in the Edit menu. It would more accurately be called the Search Results Filtering Bar, but that’s a bit of a mouthful. To be honest, I’ve never had the need to filter my iTunes search results, and I like the fact that it searches all fields for the query string. Maybe others will find it more handy.

I notice that the Windows installer also installs Quicktime and Bonjour, though I couldn’t honestly say whether that’s a new thing. Anyway, just chipping in. Back to work.