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Just tomorrow to get through now

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Tomorrow we both have Maths exams, both starting at 1:30pm (I finish at 3, Fiona finishes at 4). Fiona then has a 4-hour shift at Primark, and then… we’re off until Saturday (when we have another exam in the morning). Then, that’s the first half of the year complete. We begin our 2nd-half courses on Monday 3rd Feb. We’re both looking forward to tomorrow night at 8pm, when I’ll pick Fiona up from work and drive her back here. Then we can finally RELAX! Hard to imagine at the moment. Best of luck to both of us for tomorrow!

In other news, why doesn’t NSMenu allow you to set it to NSSmallControlSize? I know it’s not an NSControl, but it does respect NSPopUpButton’s controlSize, so you should be able to set the size programmatically, for subclasses and the like. The lack of that ability is the one thing which makes my new (not yet released) PopUpImage (NSButton sub-) class feel incomplete. Well, that and the fact that I’ve not implemented marking the last selected item yet. ;)

We were out driving tonight for about an hour and a half (we left after midnight); took a turn we’ve never taken before at the roundabout in Condorrat and ended up going along this incredibly long, windy, dark road with very creepy trees and such. Eventually brings you round into Glenmavis, which is just up the road from Sunnyside. I think the road is the B809. Spooky stuff, anyway. Good alternate route to take when I’m going to visit my old man, I think.

But enough of this; bed time. ‘Night!