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Keeping perspective

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Following my two recent posts (<a href="">Life on Earth</a>, 
<a href="">More Life on Earth</a>), I found myself having 
arrived at something of an existential crisis. As many of the comments on those posts ask, what can we do to begin to set things right? 
I don't have that answer, though I continue to contemplate the question daily.
In any case, it was whilst under a bit of a cloud that Fiona and I went out for a drive, and eventually we found ourselves at the 24-hour 
ASDA supermarket in Cumbernauld once again. We popped in for a quick browse, and in this unlikeliest of places I was confronted by wisdom. 
Certainly not the answer to the aforementioned question, but at least a coping strategy - and an entertaining one at that.

I wasted no time in acquiring the 4-DVD set, and on returning home we watching that one particular movie which aims to bring some sense 
(with a generous helping of nonsense) to it all. From that masterpiece, and by way of easing the philosophical torment which men 
and women of good conscience must live in nowadays, I offer you <a href="">this</a>. ;)