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Kill Bug

university 2 min read

OK, OK; I admit it. I saw Kill Bill vol.2 at the cinema. 
I watched vol.1 at home on DVD. I bought a katana.
A <a href="">Paul Chen Practical Katana</a>, 
for those who are interested. Carbon steel, RC60 blade. 
Anyway, Fiona is very much against swords, so I was somewhat hesitant to let her know 
that one was on the way. I was talking about this with the guys on IRC earlier.
Gary:Matt: how did Fi react to the buying of a sword?
Matt:she doesn't know yet g
Matt:was saying to neil earlier,
Matt:I said to her that I "might start a collection"
Matt:she says "I'd think very carefully about that."
Gary:I can see amusing times ahead
Matt:so I ask why, and she says "because it will cause serious problems between you and me"
Matt:so I've got a few days to talk her round to the idea of swords
Matt:before a big fucking katana arrives.
Neil:perhaps she collects swords too
Gary:dude, you really are a tit at times, but in an amusing way
Neil:and she'd have to fight you to the death if you started your own collection
Gary:Matt: you don't happen to have a shed you could hide it in?
Matt:the way I see it,
Matt:it's an interest of mine (now), and she should respect that
Matt:besides, another important point is this: when the sword arrives, and she gets annoyed,
Gary:lmao. Exactly.
Neil:It's statistically safer than Cross Stitching.
Update: I've since told her, and whilst she was indeed furious, she's calmed down a bit now.
Gary:burgers and jaffa cakes secured?
Matt:burgers are being made right now
Matt:also told her about the sword
Gary:and the jaffa cakes?
Gary:how did she take it?
Matt:yes I got the god damn jaffa cakes! One of those new-fangled tubes.
Matt:she said she was furious, but seems not too bad
Matt:did say that if I ever swung it in her presence, she'd leave me.
Gary:a tube of jaffa cakes? What kinda of craziness is that? They should come in a box or, if of the mini- variety, a bag
Matt:looks cool anyway
Gary:dude, if she tries to leave you, just swing it closer.