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Kill Poet

university 1 min read

Vengeance for bad lectures. Contains a minor spoiler for Kill Bill vol.2.
In the <a href="">time-honoured tradition</a> of 
gently mocking desktops regarding <a href="">The Poet</a> of Professional Software Development 3, 
here's one <a href="">in a Kill Bill stylee</a>. 
The title font is good old Impact, by the way.

On a separate note, Neil pointed out to me how you can actually find out 
The Bride's real name in the first Kill Bill movie (where it's beeped-out 
of the dialogue), instead of having to wait until it's revealed towards 
the end of the second one. Just freeze-frame your DVD player when she buys 
her <a href="">ticket to Okinawa</a>. 
Cheers to Neil for the capture.