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Kitchen Mishap

general 1 min read

Last night I was cooking dinner for Lauren and I whilst she was watching TV. The hob hadn’t been cleaned from the night before, so when I turned the heat on beneath the frying pan, the surface of the hob started to smoke. Not thinking very clearly, I decided to clean it right there and then.

First I tried using a wet scouring pad, but of course the water just sizzled and evaporated immediately, and I knew that the pad would likely go on fire, so I abandoned that plan. Then I noticed the scouring brush. For some reason which is unclear to me now, I thought it would be a good idea to try and clean the very hot hob using this plastic-bristled brush, without even turning the heat off first. A few moments later, the brush’s bristles had been transformed from solid into gas, and I was left holding a brush handle with a bubbling end, amidst some very strange vapours indeed.

Thinking quickly, I opened the window and tried to waft the vapours out of the kitchen, which seemed to work (the extractor was on at the same time anyway). Then I heard Lauren approaching, and automatically did the only thing I could: I threw the brush handle out of the (first floor) window into the back courtyard and shut the window, not letting on that anything had happened.

I admitted to it later, of course, and soon I’ll buy a new scouring brush for the kitchen. I shall also never again attempt to clean a hob surface until it cools down, even though the fumes were rather funky.