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Lab-based action

university 1 min read

Another day at uni, another set of phone-camera pics taken in the lab. Featuring Colleen in a skirt!

In a <a href="">previous post</a>, 
I mentioned that <a href="">Jill wore a skirt</a> to uni on Friday, 
and I hoped that we'd be able to convince Colleen to do the same. Colleen saw the post, and added a comment:
I think i could manage that skirt ;-)

Fantastically, she was true to her word, even also matching Jill's boots and fishnets:

Jill also quickly suggested a day where both she and Colleen would wear skirts. I then suggested that on that 
day we'd get a pic with the two of them and myself, Jill on my left knee and Colleen on my right. Doubtful that'll happen, but you don't 
get if you don't ask, eh? ;)

Jill was in jeans today, but happily cleared our Java-addled minds with some quality cleavage-based action:

In my previous post I mentioned that I'd managed to take a <a href="">rare pic of Lachlann</a>, 
and today the trend continued with a sneaky pic of Mark hacking your mainframe:

Finally, an obligatory pic of the one guy in the lab who's <a href=";key=PHH">ahead of me on Hot or Not</a> (he's currently 9.3 and I'm 9.2); 
Mr. Daniel J. Slotte. We prefer to call him either Dan, DJ Slotte, or my personal favourite (and based on his uni login), <em>Slotted J</em>.

Mad props, mate. This one's for the ladies!