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Last day

university 1 min read

Tomorrow (Friday 4th June) is the day of my final exam, 
the last day of term, and the final day of the 3rd year of 
my degree. Mixed feelings abound, as is only to be expected.
A major feeling is of course relief at the end of the exams 
(as of 3:45pm tomorrow afternoon). It's been a gruelling few 
weeks, with 9 computing exams for everyone, and an additional 
maths one for me. I'll certainly be glad to not be chained to 
the studying desk for a long time.

I'm also looking forward to having the chance to finally resume 
my own Mac OS X development projects and work on them throughout 
the summer. Really looking forward to finishing off the pie-chart 
and iCalendar controls, and hopefully getting a few apps and some 
new Cocoa source code out there too.

However, there's a sadness about the end of the year too. I've 
worked and socialised with these people for the entire year, 
often practically living with them in the lab for ridiculous numbers 
of hours each week, and there have been some great times there. It's 
truly been the year of classic banter too, and I've made a lot of 
pretty damn ace friends. Special mention, of course, must go to my 
fellow ever-present Bearded Monkeys: Neil, Mark, <a href="">Derek</a> and <a href="">Gary</a>; 
and of course to the honourary monkeys: the quite legendary <a href="">Big Chris</a>, the original <a href="">Disco Stu</a>, 
and our guide and master, Koi "the Danger" Chan.

I certainly can't neglect to mention Jill and Colleen here too, but 
the few attempts I've made to type this paragraph about them have 
all felt insufficient. Hopefully they both know anyway.

So, summer is about 36 hours away, and after having looked 
forward to it for so long, I find myself also wishing I had back 
some of the time that's passed. Such is life. For now, though, 
it's time to focus on preparing for our one last dance tomorrow.