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A couple of newly-(re)released (July 12th 2005) Dire Straits singles are available on the iTunes Music Store, stunningly. The tracks are on the US store only at the moment; huge thanks to none other than one Mr. Steve Joyner, longtime GoLive CyberStudio co-conspirator, for making me aware of them and assisting me in having a listen.

The two tracks in question are Millionaire Blues and Kingdom Come. Lauren managed to track down the fact that Millionaire was seemingly a B-side from the Calling Elvis single, but not before I’d already recognised it as being squarely from the On Every Street time period. The character of the lyrics (though not the style of the song) reminds me strongly of My Parties, which remains one of my brother’s favourite songs from that same album. The beginning of Millionaire even slightly foreshadows parts of Coyote from Ragpicker’s Dream. It’s my favourite of the two songs.

Kingdom Come is also very, very On Every Street, particularly like Heavy Fuel in terms of the sound of the song. That’s no bad thing. When I hear the beginning of the song, I also always think of The Bug, and I find my ear expecting the distinctive two guitar notes from that song. The lyrics identify the uncomplicated subject matter of the song. You can practically taste the On the Night recordings in the air whilst playing this one.

All in all, solid 1990s-era Dire Straits stuff, and welcome additions to the music library of any Straits/Knopfler fan. Here’s hoping we’ll see some more Dire Straits releases in the future.